About the Founder

Ja'Nique Blocker, the Founder and CEO of Sconnet LLC. is an Entrepreneur and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who lives outside of Atlanta, GA.

She started her natural hair journey in 2014, but noticed that something was missing from the natural hair accessory market. When she would go to sleep at night, she would put her hair in a ponytail to preserve her curls. She would wrap a long rectangular scarf around the base of the ponytail and would have a separate bonnet that she would place over the hair extending from the ponytail. It was then that she had an "aha" moment. Why couldn't these two items be combined to form one scarf/bonnet or a Sconnet®? (This Sconnet® method is called the "Pineapple Method" and it is demonstrated on the "Tutorials" page.)

Little did Ja'Nique know that it would take a lot of time and research to find a manufacturer to bring her design to life. Once this occurred, she worked with an attorney to complete the design patent process.

Sconnet LLC was established in May 2021 and the company's flagship item, the Sconnet®, was released the same year.

Ja'Nique plans to normalize the use of luxurious, premium quality hair accessories while also making her customers (Sconnet Babes) feel elegant, cared for and deserving. You will see that this site and Sconnet's social media pages are not just for promoting products, but also resources for empowerment and positivity.

With that being said, go and give your hair a little luxury!